Wooden City Mechanical Model Kits by WOODEN.CITY


Our FERRIS WHEEL wooden model lets you build your own popular attraction. The wheel itself, its cabins, passengers, are an open mechanism that shows off the movement of all its parts, and it has a surprise – a hidden box. You’ve just entered a real amusement park!

One of the oldest rides, recognizable to everyone since their childhood, is the Ferris Wheel. When you ride this, you can look down and get a full view of the city! More than 120 years ago, the idea of creating a tall wheel that transported observation booths to a great height seemed impossible. But then a young engineer followed his dreams and George Washington Gale Ferris built the first wheel, which was designed to carry 2,160 passengers. Today this invention carries his name - FERRIS WHEEL. Our wheel is actually a wooden jigsaw puzzle. It is difficult to build, but that’s what makes it fun. And the result will delight the whole family! Do you want to feel like an innovator from an earlier era? A few turns of the key and your rubber band motor-driven "Ferris Wheel" starts right up! It sets gears in motion, including one attached to a flywheel, and a real planetary gear. On just one winding, the operational time is one whole minute. On your right is the release lever used to stop the movement of the wheel. In each of the six booths are passengers. But that is not all! At the bottom of the pattern-adorned stand is a mini-box and a hidden piggy bank - a surprise for your loved ones. Your children will wind up the wheel dozens of times and love to play with it. As their parents, you’ll enjoy a half hour of peace and quiet. The open mechanism with its rotating gears and the specially carved stand with its beautiful patterns will attract the attention of your friends and acquaintances. Your new passion will become the topic of conversation in any company.

Windmills are part of the ancient romance in modern Europe. Our Mill model with an open mechanism and a secret drawer is a delightful decorative addition to the home interior. The fascinating movement of gears and rotating mill blades will leave a strong positive impression on your guests.

A green meadow, birds in the blue sky and an old mill - these are necessary elements of the traditional European landscape. You won't fight windmills like Don Quixote from Cervantes. You will build them! Just put your thoughts aside and inspiration will find you! The wind turns into kinetic energy by turning the knives. This is how a real mill works. However, you will power your mill yourself. His blades rotate according to your desire; just turn the special key. A few turns of the key activates the rubber drive of your mill! This activates all modes, among which is the flywheel and real planetary gear. Working time from one winding is 1 minute. On the left, the trigger lever stops the mill. But it is not everything! At the bottom of the patterned base is a hidden piggy bank or box for storing small gems. It's a nice surprise for loved ones. Our Mill is a favorite set among interior designers and artists who buy it to look for inspiration for their creative tasks. This model is really eye-catching!