Vonmie EMS Smart Body Shaping Belt - IN STOCK NOW



Vonmie has launched a new product in the same series: EMS smart body shaping belt! The product also uses micro-current technology to simulate the movement of muscle movement to achieve the effect of massage and soothing, and waist repair.

✅One machine to meet different needs, 7 modes to choose from: warm-up, exercise, fat burning, stretching, kneading, beating, soothing
✅15 strengths can be adjusted according to their own needs
✅With remote control, you can directly press the host or operate by remote control
✅Extremely light and thin, only about 500g weight, less than 5mm thickness
✅Adhesive tapes of different lengths are available to suit everyone's waist circumference
✅Adhesive design, ordinary clothes can also be covered, use anytime, anywhere
✅Hong Kong special edition skin-friendly material, more flexible and breathable
✅No need to use other consumable accessories One machine meets different needs, lightweight and fit, use anytime, anywhere❗️

✨7 modes description✨:
Warm-up mode: direct micro-current to the abdomen to activate the abdominal muscles and core muscle groups
*Sports mode: It drives the abdominal muscles to contract 188 times per minute to assist the effective training of the abdominal muscles
*Fat burning mode: EMS micro current simulates the actual movement of the human body, eliminating excess fat on the waist and abdomen
*Stretching mode: stretch the waistline, tighten the lower abdomen, and promote the tightening of the abdomen and waist
*Kneading mode: Kneading the waist and abdomen to assist in repairing the damaged rectus abdominis during pregnancy, restoring elasticity, and retracting outward expansion
*Thumping mode: intensive training, pulse current to promote abdominal muscle strength training
*Relief mode: the same frequency of human body breath, intelligent light kneading, relax the abdominal muscles