Vanav UP6 6-in-1 Ionizing Beauty Facial Massager

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Using the Vanav UP6 (6in1) device, the most purchased in Korea, in just 5 minutes a day gives you everything you need to safely and painlessly reduce wrinkles, blemishes and blemishes.

Vanav UP6 is a device to help the absorption of the skin of the active ingredients in cosmetics that helps deep cleansing.

UP6 is a galvanic ion massage device.

Using six galvanic modes, it is able to cure not only deep cleaning, but also moisture and nutrition, elasticity, eye care and whitening.

The device carries the current of micro-galvanic ions with 3D vibration technology in the inner part of the skin, pushing the nutrients of the deep penetration cosmetics to promote the full efficiency of the cosmetics and nourishes the cells in depth from the inside, helps the skin to become smoother, brighter and helps to effectively tone facial muscles.

The multifunctional UP6 offers you a professional and simple skin care solution at home. It can be used for all types of skin care cosmetics with an action to restore water balance, moisturizing, bleaching, anti-aging, muscle lifting, administration of vitamin C.

All beauty treatments in one device:

  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Facelifting
  • Skin renewal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin firming
  • Treatment for acne


  • Slide touch keyboard - the touch keyboard is extremely sensitive and helps you to set UP6 functions in a simple and delicate way
  • Power supply - UP6 uses USB terminal chargers to adapt to all 110 V or 220 V power supplies.
  • Fashionable design - design compact and light (155g) with rose gold color. UP6 is not only a facial machine but also an extremely fashionable product.
  • 6 skin care regimens:
    • Deep cleansing regime with water balance: helps to clean the skin deep inside the pores and removes impurities after washing the face
    • Eye area skin care regimen: improves dark circles and reduces eye wrinkles with eye care products.
    • Regime provides hydration, nourishes the skin: helps the effective components of the skin to penetrate deep into the skin's epidermis to nourish the skin with moisturizers, skin discoloration.
    • Lifting regimen of the skin: helps tone the muscles, relax the muscles, improve the elasticity of the skin, bring smooth skin and lift, anti-aging products.
    • Mask regime: brings the machine on the mask, helping the skin to absorb the maximum nutrients of the mask
    • Vitamin C: helps to ionize vitamin C and helps to penetrate products containing deep vitamin C inside the skin, helps the skin to stretch and shine a bright pink.