Unnurella by WPC SUPER AIR-LIGHT 70g Folding Umbrella

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This is the lightest ever. Surprise light, 70 grams.
Folding umbrella, if you have it, you will be surprised. Weighs up to 70 grams. By synchronizing 15 denier ultra-lightweight nylon fabrics with the originally developed carbon fiber bones, we achieved an unprecedented lightness of 70 grams.
I am very happy that I can carry it with me because it does not burden the place and weight. The size is 50 cm, and the size of the general folding umbrella is fixed. Since basic colors are available, they can be used regardless of the scene, so they are also recommended for gifts and gifts.

Read the instructions that came with the product before use.

Product Name: W.P.C Super Air-Light Umbrella 70g Folding Umbrella 50cm
Product Description: Think of a light way! It is a simple, beautiful 5-fold folding umbrella of the world party. Use carbon fiber bones to achieve a light weight of about 70g! It is slender small shape that it is carried with in the rain
Material: Nylon
Country of production: China
Size: [length of pro-bone] about 50cm × [diameter] about 80cm × [full length] about 46.8cm
[Length when collecting] is about 21 cm long and about 3.5 cm wide
Weight: about 70g