Radius HP-NHA21 High MFD System In-Ear Headphones with Remote Control Microphone

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Product Features

  • "High-MFD structure" to improve the sensitivity and sound quality confine the magnetic flux leaking from the voice coil of the dynamic driver by the repulsive force of the magnet, "sensitivity", "quality" can be improved by increasing the magnetic flux density. The average sensitivity is about 4dB improvement (our ratio), excellent transient (transient) characteristics in terms of sound quality, from treble to bass, to achieve the crisp sound quality in the clear without sacrificing fine detail. Moreover, increasing the expression power of the low frequency range, mounting a driver unit which realizes more precise quality control. From fine treble of high-resolution sound, it can be played without leaving the detail over the details to the low frequency range that is powerful. In addition, the cable using a nylon cable, we are both fine texture and durability.
  • Easy operation with microphone with remote control, hands-free call corresponding incoming receiver end, talk, play and stop the music, send songs, returning the song, start of Siri can be easily operated by one button. Mike is equipped with a sound collection can be omni-directional sound from 360 degrees, allowing hands-free calling.
  • Increasing the sound pressure of the low range, to achieve a more precise quality control, equipped with the driver unit.
  • The bus port structure to improve the reproducibility of the low frequency range, optimizing the operation of the diaphragm. To convey a solid bass of core to direct.
  • Deep mount earpiece of the new shape differs from the conventional type, in order to fit earpiece is more in the back of the ear, providing a stable fit and rich bass reproduction.
  • The mounting position of the earpiece can be adjusted in two stages, to achieve a more accurate music reproduction without missing a low range by attaching to my best position. In addition, while increasing the sound insulation by to fit securely in your ear, in order to reduce the stress on the ear, it is ideal for commuting and attending school.
  • Both functionality and fine texture using φ2.0mm nylon cable to the cable.
  • By'll use it in conjunction with the NePLAYER, improved operability, the sound quality performance. It offers a music experience up a notch.

In The Box

  • Radius HP-NHA21 High MFD System In-Ear Headphones with Remote Control Microphone
  • Earpiece (XS, S, M, L ) × 1 set each
  • Instruction Manual / Warranty  

Tech Specs

[Earphone part]

  • Model: Dynamic type
  • Driver: φ13.0mm
  • Output sound pressure level: 103 ± 3dB (@ 1KHz / 100mV input)
  • Play frequency band: 5Hz~40000Hz
  • Maximum input: 5mW
  • Impedance: 17Ω ± 15%
  • Plug: φ3.5mm gold-plated 4-pole stereo mini plug
  • Cable length: About 120cm (Y type) type
  • Mass: About 18g (including cable)

[Microphone part]

  • Frequency characteristic: 100Hz ~10000Hz
  • Directivity characteristic: Omni-directional
  • Sensitivity: -43dB ± 4dB / mW

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