PROTOP Upgrade Limited 8000 Rpm Red Light Beauty Machine (Lymphometer)

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PROTOP Upgrade Limited 8000 Rpm Red Light Beauty Machine (Lymphometer)

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Product Features

  • red light beauty instrument high-frequency warming and sanding effect
  • introduces the essence and nutrition deeply into the muscle base for repairing,
  • reducing wrinkles, relaxation,
  • reducing dark circles, eliminating puffiness and
  • stimulating collagen and Elastin, tightens skin
  • fibroblasts,
  • promotes blood circulation, improves skin tone,
  • anti-inflammatory, accelerates wound healing,
  • relieves skin tension and fatigue,

Lymphatic Detoxification, The Curative Effect

of scraping is capable of 8000 high frequency vibrations per minute, with warm red light function, arc 314 The stainless steel design completely adheres to every corner of the skin, improves skin metabolism, reduces wrinkles, sagging, edema or uneven color, and releases light of different wavelengths. Long-wavelength red light and short-wavelength infrared are generated for different skin layers. It can improve the skin from the inside out. It can comprehensively improve the skin's luster and elasticity, relieve skin tension and fatigue. Deeply introduce the essence of nutrients into the skin to repair the

45° Warm Red Light

can help the skin absorb the mask and skin care products Essence, so that the skin can be absorbed by the skin in the shortest time with the most effective rate. The red light helps delay skin aging, stimulates collagen regeneration, and reduces lines. It is more convenient to use than ordinary red light masks.



- Genuine product w/ warranty by official dealer in H.K.