Power Support Air Jacket Case for iPad Air 2/Duet

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Now available for the iPad Air 2 the iconic Power Support Air Jacket™ is the ultimate in sophisticated, thin, sleek, virtually invisible protection. The Air Jacket™ beautifully and entirely encases your iPad Air 2 like no other, providing exceptional protection without exceptional bulk. High quality, technologically advanced manufacturing allows Power Support to create a case that is less than 1.2mm thin that still provides superior protection. With the included AFP Crystal Film screen protection, the Air Jacket™ set has you covered--literally. Now available in Power Support smooth rubber, this unique material provides device protection and a soft and silky yet grippable rubber. You have to feel it to believe it.

The Air Jacket™ for iPad Air 2/Duet Smart Cover Locking Version is designed to work with the iPad Air 2 Smart Cover. If you do not use the Smart Cover and want full protection we suggest the Air Jacket™ Clear for iPad Air 2/Solo.The Solo Power Support Air Jacket™ protects all four sides of your iPad Air 2 and the included AFP Crystal film™ gives you total protection.

Set includes

  • 1 Air Jacket™
  • 1 AFP Crystal Film™
  • 1 Cleaning Cloth