Polaroid Lab Starter Set

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Behind the Polaroid Lab

Over 80 years of Polaroid innovation at your fingertips. The Polaroid Lab acts like a desktop darkroom to turn your digital photographs into Polaroid pictures using 100% real film chemistry. A truly analog process made for a digital age to turn your pixels into proof.


Phone to Polaroid™️

The Polaroid Lab uses a 3-lens system to project the screen image from your phone onto Polaroid film to create a physical moment you can treasure for good.


Collages made easy

Create collages more easily with the Polaroid Originals app. Connect to the Lab and turn one image into a collage of two, four, six, or nine frames in any composition you like.


Bring moments to life with AR

Go from digital to analog and back with augmented reality. Take a still image and embed a short film inside ready to be viewed by you or your friends with the Polaroid Originals app.

Rechargeable battery

Bring every moment to life smoothly with a rechargeable battery cable.


Includes film

You're ready to shoot with three packs of Polaroid i-Type film.