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Pioneer SE-CH5BL-K Balanced In-Ear Headphones - Black

Pioneer SE-CH5BL-K Balanced In-Ear Headphones - Black

  • $117.00

Discover the Clarity of Balanced Audio

Take a sonic leap forward with the SE-CH5BL, high-performance headphones featuring a 2.5 mm (2/16˝) stereo connector for Balanced Audio Output. Similar to XLR outputs on flagship hi-fi separates, signals for left and right channels are sent through discrete cables, eliminating noise and crosstalk, lifting headroom, and providing an immersive soundstage thanks to excellent stereo separation. The SE-CH5BL headphone brings out the best in Hi-Res Audio with ultra-wide-range dynamic drivers reproducing a more complete musical picture. Airflow Control Port preserves mid-range clarity, and bassheads will love the agile low-end performance. An affordable partner for balanced audio-ready Digital Audio Players, the SE-CH5BL unlocks premium listening wherever your day takes you.

Balanced Audio Output

Formerly restricted to desktop headphone setups, balanced audio goes mobile with a new 2.5 mm (2/16˝ ) 4-pole plug with discrete braided cables for L/R channels. Music expands into the headroom this technology provides as noise vanishes and details come into clearer focus.

Made for Hi-Res Audio

The Hi-Res Audio logo certifies full-bandwidth reproduction as served by high-definition formats. Hear even the most minute detail and a sense of dimensionality you never knew existed in your favorite music with the ltra-Wide-Spectrum 9.7 mm (3/8˝) dynamic drivers

Airflow Control Port

This exclusive Pioneer technology was developed to clarify the middle bandwidth occupied by the voice. It works by improving separation between mid and bass frequencies. Enjoy clarity uncommon to headphones at this price-point.

Over-the-Ear Cable Design

As well as providing a comfortable and secure fit, the over-the-ear cable design reduces cable-borne interference that occurs with conventional headphones. Fewer bumps on the cable as you walk let you enjoy music, not noise. The SE-CH5BL-K has a high quality tangle-resistant cable with Gold-plated headphone jack assures high fidelity reproduction with minimal touch noise.

Tech Specs

Headphone Type

  • Fully Enclosed Dynamic Headphones

Frequency Response

  • 8 Hz–45 kHz


  • 26 Ohms

Maximum Input Power

  • 100 mW


  • 108 dB

Driver Units Diameter

  • 9.7 mm

Headphone Cable

  • 1.2 m (4 ft) Braided OFC

Cable Length

  • 1.2 m (4 ft)


  • 7 g (0.015 lbs) not including cable

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