Lourdes Meme Eye Hot Charger

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About 41℃ electric heater

An electric heater with a maximum temperature of about 41°C wraps the area around your eyes and moisturizes with a fabric that easily absorbs moisture in the air.

Eye care while in various places

While watching your smartphone or TV, take care of your eyes in various places both in the office and outside.

Can be used anywhere because it is a USB power supply

It also supports PC, AC adapter compatible with USB power output, and mobile battery.

Reliable automatic off timer

Even if you fall asleep comfortably, it will automatically stop in about 10 minutes. It is safe to use before going to bed.

Easy washable

The cover can be easily removed from the main body for washing, so you can keep it clean.

I want to refresh

It is effective for tired eyes that are stimulating everyday such as smartphones, reading books, games and PCs.

With portable pouch

Comes with a drawstring type storage bag for convenient portability. Accented with tassels and beard embroidery♪

Tech Specs
  • Specification
  • Material:
    • Body: urethane foam
    • Body cover: (Outside) 97% polyester/3% polyurethane
    • (Inside) 95% cotton/5% polyurethane
    • Thermal surface: 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane
    • Portable pouch: 97% polyester, 3% polyurethane
  • Timer: (About) 10 minutes automatic OFF
  • Compatible head circumference size: (Approx.) 52-58 cm
  • Accessories: Portable pouch, USB cable
  • Country of origin: China


  • Main body: (Approximately) W180 x L105 x H15mm / (Approximately) 50g
  • Portable pouch: (Approximately) W150 x L270 mm
  • USB cable: (About) 1m