LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro 1200mAh

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-Ultra-Thin - The equivalence of 5 credit cards (3.31 X 2.12 X 0.22 inches) so it can fit in most wallet.
--Compatible with most Micro USB compatible devices.
All inclusive cable system (Micro USB  Connector to charge device + flip-out USB for charging its own internal battery)
-NanoStik Pad (included) keeps the LithiumCard virtually stuck to your device.
-Can simultaneously charge its own battery plus the device you want to charge
-Has a Multi-Color Meter (White: Over 90% charged, Blue: 10-90% charged, Red: Less than 10% charged)
-The HyperFET circuitry will charge your smartphone's internal battery up to an astonishing 1% per minute!
-Using the LithiumCard is as easy as 1, 2, 3: Recharge it, Plug It, Power It
-No more untangling a spaghetti mess of cables or having a battery pack hanging from a device while in use.