JUJY RF Skin Rejuvenation Device

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Product Features

  • Four functions in one:
    • RF radio frequency
    • HF active radio frequency
    • 7 ℃ cold compress
    • EMS micro current
  • Lightens wrinkles, enhances contours, tightens and lifts, calms the skin, breaks through ten minutes of fast and beautiful skin
  • Japan develops the latest technology to make your muscle age 5 years younger in 12 weeks
  • Platinum-plated introduction head, suitable for sensitive muscles, wrinkle pores are solved one by one

Method of use:

1. Take off all jewelry, clean and dry the face

2. Take the right amount of special essence for JUJY beauty instrument, and completely cover 3 electrodes

3. Keep the three electrodes in close contact with the skin, refer to the icon for facial enhancement

Applicable scenarios:

home, tourism, beauty salon, etc.

Inapplicable people:

    • Being undergoing treatment, development and adolescence, acute illness
    • Tuberculosis, febrile disease, hypertension, infectious disease
    • Cancer, blood disease, internal organ disease, skin disease allergies
    • Allergic dermatitis, skin inflammation, and excessive fatigue
    • Sensitive skin or fragile skin, body embarrassment, drunk
    • During pregnancy, menstrual period, breastfeeding, taking sleeping pills
    • Because of physical irritation, it will cause speckles and undergo dental treatment
    • Capillary dilation caused by long-term steroids; hormones and other drugs and liver dysfunction.



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