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JUJY Ji Zhi Fat-Blasting Machine Slimming Instrument

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  • Ultrasonic vibration to remove fat and crush fat, shape light posture
  • Tight lines, shape S-shaped curve, bid farewell to bulky fat
  • Effectively fade orange peel and revitalize collagen
  • Red / blue / violet light, 3 color light care
  • Vibration massage relieves fatigue throughout the day

Triple Color Care:

  • Red light skin rejuvenation: increase blood circulation and promote metabolism
  • Blue light anti-inflammatory: kills acne bacteria, bactericidal and bacteriostatic
  • Purple skin rejuvenation: dual mode of melting red light and blue light, layers of care, multiple effects

Mode description:

  • SONIC mode (fat crushing mode): short press the SONIC button to turn on the ultrasonic mode, and short press again to turn off the mode
  • RF + EMS mode (Skin Firming Mode): Short press RF + EMS button to turn on Skin Firming Mode, this mode has three gears, and press it again after three gears to close
  • SONIC + RF mode (fat burst mode): turn on the two functions in turn to turn on the fat burst mode, the fat burning power in the burst fat mode will reach the highest, and the skin may also appear slightly irritated, which is normal

Instructions for use:

1. It is recommended to use the gel with the gel, apply the gel to the machine, circle in the target position or massage with W-shaped route

2. It is recommended not to stay in the same position for too long, keep the machine moving on the body when using it

3. This product is waterproof and can be used by colleagues in the bath or shower for beauty care,

However, please do not use it in the bathtub or hot spring bath where the bath liquid is placed, or in the hot sauna


1. After surgery (including micro-rectification), it is recommended to find the doctor to confirm whether it can be used

2. Do not use for heart disease, serious illness, cancer, tuberculosis, allergies, dermatitis, etc. during periods of physical discomfort such as drinking, cold, fever, abnormal blood pressure

3. Do not use during pregnancy, menstruation and lactation

4. Please avoid skin inflammation areas, wounds and sensitive areas such as eyes, lips, vocal cords, etc. At the same time, please do not stay in the same area for a long time

5. To avoid strong impact, it must be inspected before use. Do not use it when the machine is damaged or cracked.



- Genuine product w/ warranty by official dealer in H.K.

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