Jabra Elite 85t with ANC

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It Turns Out You Can Have It All...
Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC) cancels the noise you don't want to hear; HearThrough (Transparency Mode) lets in the sound you do. With 11 levels of sound - from full ANC to full HearThrough - perfectly engineered for the way your ear perceives changes in volume, you'll never miss a beat.

Jabra Advanced ANC - Next Level Noise-cancellation
The Elite 85t buds have been engineered with the most cutting-edge noise-cancellation technology on the market, to give you complete control over how you hear the world around you.
It's time to level-up the way you block out the world.

Adjustable HearThrough(Transparency Mode)
Tap back to reality
Fully adjustable HearThrough lets you choose how much of the outside world you want to let in using the handy slider and then access that setting at the touch of a button. So when you need to hear what's going on around you - like when you need to order a coffee - you can.
With HearThrough, the real world is only ever a tap away.

Microphone Technology
All the Mics, None of the Noise
The advanced digital ANC uses two microphones in each earbuds to cancel the noise you don't want to hear before you hear it.
One feedforward mic - cancels noise from outside the ear
One feedback mic - cancels noise from inside the ear

Big Sound. Small Body
12mm speakers, a customisable equalizer and AAC and SBC codecs for rich, detailed sound, bringing you powerful bass in a reality tiny body. Big, massive earth-quaking-window-shaking sound, in a casing so small, you have to see (and hear) it to believe it.
You've never heard your music quite like this before.

Personalised Sound
MySound is Your Sound
It's impossible to improve on a classic - if it ain't broke, don't fix it - but we can still make the music you love even better, be revolutionising the way you hear it.
MySound expertly optimises and configures your sound via an in-app hearing test and then calibrates it on your headphones. The result is music that's perfectly tailored to your individual hearing profile.
We like the sound of that.

Talk the Talk
We know you don't want to compromise on call quality. And frankly, your shouldn't have to. So when Jabra were building Elite 85t, Jabra didn't compromise either, putting not just two, but three powerful professional-grade microphones in each bud.
Jabra also added sidetone, so you can hear your own voice on calls (without having to shout), and added our latest and most advanced wind protection algorithms. So, your conversations are clear and sharp when it matters, allowing you to enjoy call clarity like never before. 

Battery - Best Buds
We used our advanced battery efficiency technology to make sure these little guys can keep up with you for up to 5.5 hours on a single charge with ANC on, with up to a total of 25 hours with the compact charging case.
Ther're also wireless charing enabled and compatible with all Qi-certified chargers, so when they do run low, just place them on your charging pad (or plug them into the USB-C cable).

Fit & Comfort
Thousands of ears in the making
We scanned thousands of ears and ran the results through our advanced algorithmic simulator, using the latest miniaturisation techniques to cram all our amazing tech into a compact new design.

Our latest buds are a semi-open design with pressure relief vents, preventing pressure build-up inside the ear, while three sizes of smooth, silicone oval EarGels, create a secure, noise-cancelling seal, boosting your sound quality and keeping your ears feeling great all day.

Durability - The Tough Get Going
We're engineered these little buds from though, durable materials, so they're built to last, with IPX4-rated protection from water. So if you get caught in the rain you don't have to worry about your buds getting damaged. Jabra also include a w-year extended warranty* against dust and water, so your buds are covered (just in case)
*Registration required with the Jabra Sound+ app

You're in Charge
Some things are predefined and unchangeable, but thanks to the latest technology in the Sound+ app - MyControls - your earbuds' button controls aren't.

That means you can now change how you use your buttons to start and skip tracks, answer and reject calls and more, directly from the Sound+ app.

Voice Assistant
Talk to your buds
Elite 85t works with Siri and Google Assistant, so your favourite voice assistant is never far away.

Beyond the Box
We like to think outside the box. So, although your Elite 85t buds will sound great as soon as you unbox them, downloading the Sound+ app will make them even better.
From MySound and MyControls, to call settings, a customisable euqaliser and options for personalisation, Sound+ brings you an incredible all-round calls and music experience, with no compromise.