IONSPA BATH1000 Shower Head

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Setting new paradigm in shower culture

Flow and effect of the magnetic field of a hybird spin magnet filter and a surround magnet
When the water that enters the shower head, the hydraulic pressure will cause the central spin magnet filter start rotation with high speed and change the molecular structure of water through ion activation into a hexagonal ultra-fin molecular structure which is most beneficial to human body.

1st Filter: Vortex Magnet Filter
When water inflows to a shower, the 1st magnet will start rotate toward right with high speed and the 2nd magnet toward left with low speed. Due to this rotation, the water that has been rotation normally will rotate reversely between 1st magnet and 2nd magnet to form a vortex simultaneously. The current will swirl zig-zag to form a magnetic energy and crush water molecules finely to create a negative ion beneficial to human body. The ion activated water molecule will go though 3rd magnet for stabilization.

Primary and secondary filtration
It has a dual structure with a perfect filtering effect that filters the water filtered from the primary filtration again in the secondary filtration at the head part. For the pretreatment filter, SUS (Steel Use Stainless) has been selected which has a strong durability without rusting. It is also available to use the filter semi-permanently if it is washed. 120mesh net has been selected for SUS.

Ge-lite filter
Ge-Lite is a natural mineral which has been formed by the volcanic ashes created and deposited out of the result of volcanic activity in Korean Oeninsula. It belongs to a natural Pozzolan. Clay, red clay, and shale with heat treatment we can often see in the market are artificial Pozzolan. Ge-Lite is a mineral matter of non-hazardous eco-friendly material which has 187 times of element effect than other matters of ed clay material (deodorization effect, sterilization, antibacterial, removing fungus, generation ion, discharging far-infrared ray)

-Antibacterial action and removal of fungus
-Deodorization, removal of hazardous substance, and neutralization of heavy metals
-Purification function for water quality
-Promotion of metabolism and driving effect of circulation for meridian system
-Control over humidity and block-out of electronic wave

Special Advantage of Micro Plate
The micro plate crushes and sprays lump water through the ultra-fine discharging holes to increase the generation amount of negative ion tremendously. As the internal pressure is increased by the application of ultra-fine discharging holes, the water pressure increases 3 to 4 times to that of the previous plate.

IONSPA shower head saves more water
As the ultra-fine dischaging hole is small so that water cannot pass through, it results in the apprent effect of water saving.