IMOS Touch Stream film for iPhone 6 Plus (LC/TS)

IMOS Touch Stream film for iPhone 6 Plus (LC/TS)

  • HK$59.00
  • Save HK$129.00

IMOS has been working and innovating film protector since 2004. In almost 8 years, imos has grown from a “one store operation” located in Taipei, to Taiwan's largest hi-tech film protector provider.

IMOS Touch Stream protector, has a 4H hardness, greatly improving protector protection, also effectively prevent reflection and anti-glare, reduce the impact on the eye when use of mobile phones. Its ultra-smooth surface and easy to clean, can extend the life of protector. This protector is Best Choice for game player.


  • Ultra Smooth
  • Anti Glare
  • Resist to scratch (4H hardness)
  • Oleophobic Coating (World first design)
  • Wiping Oil-Based
  • Anti-Fingerprint and Easy Clean
  • Precision laser cutting technology, sharp edge. (no more cutting mold residue.)
  • Laser engraving imos logo

Set includes

  • Screen protector x 1
  • Back camera protector x 1 (came with screen protector)
  • Installation Kit x 1


  • The back camera protector may interference flash when both flash & camera are aligned in flat plane.
  • It can be fixed by remove camera film. It's not product defect.