IMOS Corning AG2BC 0.4mm 2.5D Back Glass Protector for iPhone X - Clear

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The real use of Corning glass, with iMos own technology developed by the glass protection stickers! It has a 9H ultra-high hardness (H is the hardness of the pencil, 9H meaning is not scratched with 9H pencil grade), the hardness of up to 9H protective film not only pencil scratch, even the knife and so on, the protective stickers are not influences. With the unique hydrophobic oleophobic function, easily wipe the stain of water stains. Keep the glass paste sensitive reaction and clean. In order to allow guests to get the best experience imos choose to use o.4MM thickness, the industry is recognized as the best thickness. Because it can make the glass stick strong and durable, and will not easily damaged and tattered. Corning glass with the use of, is the first choice of glass stickers! Imos's product line is quite complete, there are hydrophobic oil, anti-Blu-ray and glass stickers to choose from! Almost all the mainstream models have corresponding products. So if you need a quality protective tape, imos must be the first choice!


  • High transparency, the image is not affected
  • High-quality materials to enhance touch sensitivity
  • Optical static plastic, so that the product can be re-installed
  • Patents hydrophobic and oleophobic technology
  • R arc edge processing, reduce the tattered junk
  • Anti-broken splash, such as accidental rupture, reduce the chance of injury
  • Corning glass, 0.4mm thickness
  • 9H hardness, very hard


External impact may cause the product fragmentation! The surface hardness of the product after testing up to 9H, but under normal conditions may still be a scratch of higher hardness items!

Tech Specs

Package Contents:

  • Glass Protector x 1
  • Installation Kit x ​​1

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