ible Airvida L1 Wearable Ionic Air Purifier

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Cleaner air, just for you

Your personal protection from city air hazard

Airvida will constantly create 2,000,000 negative ions/cm3 to capture small airborne particles from PM2.5 to pollen around you, purify the air by binding these particles to the ground and decompose VOCs such as formaldehyde . It is the thinnest neck pendant air purifier in the world with ergonomic lightweight design for wear comfort.


A life-altering change of air purifying method

Aside from its functionality, Airvida is designed and crafted carefully to meet your daily activities; It is super lightweight with ergonomic bracket, operates in absolute silence, and the built-in, USB rechargeable battery will last for 32 hours on a full charge. Everything you know about an air purifier will never be the same.

Personal Protection

From indoor air hazard

Indoor air quality in public places is not any better than the outside world. We care for this health issue and come up with Airvida to provide the ultimate personal protection against common indoor air hazard such as formaldehyde, pollen, PM2.5, and bacteria.


Redefine the concept of air purifier

Airvida will work flawlessly under normal daily circumstances, and is comfortable to wear, with presentable elegance. Airvida is also most effective during indoor usage; a perfect solution to improve air quality in the office, car, bar/restaurant, public transportation, etc.


A true workhorse beneath a delicate look

What is hidden beneath the delicate look of Airvida is a true workhorse. Airvida does visible changes to the air of surroundings by emitting 2,000,000 negative ions/cm3 constantly. Our real test on cigarette smoke reveals the magical purifying process of Airvida.

Multiple Applications

Meet your various need

Except for wearing, Airvida can also stand on the table and functions as a table-top ionic air purifier. Airvida meets various need in various scenarios and is your best choice for a mobile air purifier.

Match Your Fashion

Look sharp while stay healthy

Airvida is not just about performance, it’s also about a taste that cares for not only functionality but also aesthetics of your life. Airvida brings air purifier and clean air to be your personal accessory, and comes with 3 unique colors to match your fashion.