Handycosy Travel Pillow

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Handycosy Travel Pillow

You will be amazed by the packed size of Handycosy. It's just as small as an apple! Its right softness and ergonomic shape offer you the optimum neck support, and you'll never too hot when using it, as you don't have to wear it very tightly to gain enough support.

Highly compact

The porous nature of the pillow filling allows the pillow to be packed down to 30% of its original size.

Won't push your neck forward

The flattened back of the pillow allows you to lean on the seat without being pushed forward.

Fit your neck perfectly

The memory foam is highly elastic and the strap is adjustable to fit travellers with different neck widths.

Washable cover

It's important to keep the travel pillow clean as it is is very close to your mouth and face when used.