GREEN HOUSE Stand Beer Server


Easy And Quick
Dose not require CO2 cartridges. Just insert beer, pull forward to tap, push back to top. Powered by 2 standard AA batteries (not included), great helper for home, outdoor, barbecues and parties.

Ultra Fine Foam
The technology inside delivers high levels of supersonic vibration at 40,000 times per second. Supersonic vibration can create fine soft and think foam and brings you a sily taste to enjoy longer.

Enjoy Ice Cold Beer and Easy Clean Up
This beer server comes with freezer packs and set inside. Enjoy an ice-cold beer anytime you want. The power supply (upper unit) is removable for cleaning.

Can be used on different size canned beers of 12oz/ 16oz, and bottles (Φ) less than 2.83″ and height less than 10.24″. Works with any type of beer, including such as lagers, ales, stouts, IPAs, sours, beers, porters, ambers and more.

Great Gift
Unique gift for beer lover, perfect gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, wedding, Father's Day and more!

How to Use
1.Open the beer and set it up with chilled freezer packs.
2.Insert the tube into beer and close the lid.
3.Pull forward to tap.
4.Push back to top.