Divoom Tivoo Smart Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

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Divoom Tivoo is the 4rd generation pixel art speaker. It features a 16x16 full RGB programmable LED panel, an acoustic enhanced design, and a new mobile application. Tivoo is the most unique pixel art smart speaker from Divoom.

Inpired by Light & Sound


  1. 360°audio direction w/bass port
  2. 256 full RGB programmable LED
  3. Elegant design & functional controls
  4. New mobile application & features
  5. Bluetooth 5.0, TF card & AUX audio
Just relax and enjoy. Let Tivoo sparkle the everyday life
- Music Play
- Pixel Art
- Online Gallery
- Weather
- Smart Alarm
- Sleep Aid
- Notification
- LED Editor
- Messenger
- Pixel Chat
- Tools & Games
- Cloud Software
Innovative hardware

Powered by the 3rd generation programmable LED
An incredible lighting experience is ensured.

Great audio
Latest audio technology & Unparallel tuning experience
Delivers the finest audio in such compact body

Tivoo is more than just an eye candy.
Every detail is a result of engineering perfection.

Pixel art creation
Create pixel art has never been easier
Draw anything at your fingertip

LED Editor
Professional LED editing program.
Create your own custom lightings.

Online gallery
Upload and share your amazing creations
Meet with other pixel art fans around the world

DJ Mixer
For the true music enthusiasts
Create a remix with the professional DJ mixer

Light effects
Different built-in lighting effects.
Enhance your visual sensation

Smart alarm
14 refreshing alarm profiles
Highly customizable settings
Support self-recorded alarm

24 professional sleep-aid profiles
HQ alpha wave audio tracks
Melatonin inducing lighting

Voice memo
Record voice message for your family and friend
You can even set your message as the daily alarm

Social media notification
Never miss an important message with the visual notification
Tivoo now support the most popular social media applications
- Snapchat
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Line
- WhatApp
- QQ
- Text
- Call
- WeChat
- Kakao Talk
- Skype

Daily convenience
Packed with many convenient daily tools
Tivoo is more versatile than your imagination

- Pixel Art Games
- Stopwatch
- Time Planner

Cloud based software
Continuously updating cloud based mobile app
Future updates to improve the user experience

Tech Specs

- Dimensions: 100L x 83W x 83H mm
- Driver size: 2'' full range
- Output power: 6W
- Signal to noise ratio : ≥75dB
- Battery Capacity : 3000 mAh
- Battery Voltage : 3.6 V
- Battery Charge Time : 4-5h hours
- Playback Time: Up to 10 hours
- Bluetooth compliant: Bluetooth V5.0 smart
- Weight: 380g
- Frequency Response: 80-20K Hz