Dekoni Audio BULLETZ Premium Memory Foam Earphone Tips for Apple Airpods Pro

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Using the same memory foam from it's predecessors, the Bulletz for AirPods Pro by Dekoni improve on the comfort and isolation of standard foam tips, while maintaining the ease of cleaning and replacing stock silicone tips. Many users find the silicone tips cause inner ear discomfort when worn for long period of time, and Dekoni is here to help you hear.

Dekoni Audio's new Bulletz for the AirPods Pros were designed from the ground up specifically for Apple's most popular IEM to date, with a plastic mounting ring that allows the tips to snap right into place, creating a perfect seal every time. Be sure to watch our installation video to avoid damaging your tips during installation and removal.

The Bulletz for the AirPods Pros come in a range of sizes, ensuring that any listener will have comfortable listening experience, along with improved noise isolation as the slow rebound memory foam slowly expands to fill any gaps that sound may try to escape from or leak into.

The Bulletz are washable with cold soap and water. Dry with a paper towel and good as new.