Capdase ScreenGUARD IMAG for iPad mini

Capdase ScreenGUARD IMAG for iPad mini

  • HK$113.00
  • Save HK$12.00

Here is the all new Capdase ScreenGUARD IMAG for iPad mini. This protective screen guard can protect your iPad mini with no problems whatsoever. Those who don't want bulky covers may find this product the perfect alternative.

It has a very clear transparency which does not affect the visibility of your iPad mini. Not only does it protect your iPad from annoying scratches, scrap marks and abrasions, but also safeguards your eyes due to its anti-glare protection feature. It also has excellent resistance to greasy finger prints and unwanted smudges. Its easy-clean feature will keep your iPad as good as new with just a quick swipe of a cloth.

The screen guard also has the perfect overlay that fits your iPad just right. It is easy to attach and also easy to remove without leaving any residue marks. Try it out for yourself and see the difference.

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