Capdase BodiFENDER KLIA for iPhone SE/5/5s

Capdase BodiFENDER KLIA for iPhone SE/5/5s

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The Capdase BodiFENDER KLIA for the iPhone 5 and 5s is the perfect choice if you want double protection. The KLIA cover protects your iPhone front and back unlike other products that only shield the front.

One cool feature of the BodiFENDER is its anti-dazzling effect. This is for those who do not prefer the shiny effect. It is also finger print and grease resilient which means there are less smudges or smears every time you use your phone. The cover's transparency is crystal clear and very thin, making it almost invisible to the naked eye.

The protective cover safeguards your iPhone against frustrating scratches and abrasions that can ruin its overall value. It is highly reliable and has the perfect overlay on your phone that makes it simple and easy for you to attach. It leaves no residue marks when you wish to remove or replace it with a new one.