Capdase BodiFENDER IMAG for iPhone SE/5/5s

Capdase BodiFENDER IMAG for iPhone SE/5/5s

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For all iPhone 5/5s users, take a look at the CapdaseBodiFENDER IMAG. What makes this different from other protecting covers is that it protects your iPhone back to back. Most screen guard protectors only protect the front leaving the back panels prone to damages.

The bodiFENDER has excellent finger print and grease tolerance making it easy to clean with just a few swipes. It is extremely transparent that does not compromise the display screen quality. It also has anti-glare protection keeping your eyes safe from the bright sun.

The IMAG protects your iPhone from unwanted scratches, scuff marks, and abrasions. It has the perfect overlay that fits just right on your phone's screen and back panels. It is highly reliable and can be removed easily without leaving residues and marks due to adhesives. If you want double protection that is literally invisible, then this is the right choice for your iPhone.