Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Bluetooth Headphones - Black

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Bluetooth Headphones - Black

  • HK$1,890.00

Unwind without wires

The first wireless headphones from Bose give you the freedom to enjoy your movies, videos and music unplugged. SoundLink® around-ear Bluetoothheadphones offer full, natural sound and a comfortable, around-ear fit plus freedom of movement. You can watch your video on your iPad and reach for your coffee, or talk on your smartphone and retrieve those notes from your desk, untethered and untangled. No cords.

Immersive sound with wireless convenience

Cushioned around-ear fit for comfortable listening

Bluetooth control module controls certain iPad functions, Bluetooth connectivity and more

Simultaneously connect to two devices and easily switch between media and calls

Better sound built in

Like our other headphones, the SoundLink® around-earBluetooth headphones feature exclusive TriPort® technology, which enables full-range sound—the clear highs to the full lows—from a lightweight design. The headphones also feature active equalization in the control module that provides a noticeable improvement to the sound quality. Your music and movies will take on a dramatic new dimension.

Wireless convenience

Conventional headphones keep you tethered to your devices. SoundLink® around-ear Bluetoothheadphones—with a range of 30 feet—let you move around freely while still immersed in your music or video. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides seven hours of run time and 200 hours of standby time. You can easily recharge it with the included USB cable.

Get started simply

The headphones' Bluetooth control module lets you connect wirelessly to your iPad, smartphone or other favorite Bluetooth devices. Just pair the headphones and your device—it's easy. Simply press and hold the multifunction and volume buttons on the headphones, and then choose the SoundLink® headphones from your device's Bluetooth list.

You can even connect the headphones to two devices simultaneously. For example, you can watch a video on your iPad while staying connected to your smartphone. The headphones will automatically pause the video to answer a call. Then, when the call is finished, the headphones automatically switch back to the video.

Versatile control module

Buttons on the control module include power, volume and multifunction. This button operates iPad functions such as play/pause and track controls for music and videos. It also lets you switch between calls and other audio. LED and audio indicators on the control module provide information on power, battery life andBluetooth connection status.

Speak up

The module's built-in microphone lets you make calls when the headphones are connected to your smartphone and talk to the voice-recognition apps, like Siri or Google search, on your smartphone or iPad.

Comfort and durability

The headphones are designed with features and materials that provide lasting quality. The cushioned earcups and adjustable headband let you wear the headphones comfortably for hours. And the earcups fold flat for convenient storage in the carry bag. This makes it easy to take them wherever your travels take you.

In the box

Included items

  • SoundLink® around-ear Bluetooth® headphones
  • Bluetooth® control module (removable)
  • 36" (0.91 m) USB charging cable
  • 66" (1.67 m) optional audio cable
  • Drawstring carry bag
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