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BlitzWolf BW-WS1 Extendable Wired Selfie Stick Monopod for iPhone and/or other Smartphones

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BlitzWolf® Extendable Wired Selfie Stick Monopod For iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy, SONY, HUAWEI, MEIZU, Coolpad, Oppo


BlitzWolf goes beyond the standard selfie stick and offers a super strong, compact and lightweight solution allowing you to create the perfect pic. What’s so great about BlitzWolf selfie sticks?

The monopod is made of anodized aluminum alloy making it lightweight, strong and easy to extend and retract.

Even with a heavy phone Blitzwolfs unique telescopic design makes extending and compacting the stick smooth and stable, it will not flex or spin under the Smartphone’s weight.

Perfect for traveling, video diaries, video blogging, hiking/camping, weddings, parties, concerts, sporting events and daily selfie photography.


It’s Easy to use and setup is simple, no APP downloads or Bluetooth pairing necessary, just clip your Smartphone in the cradle and connect the headphone plug.

Once connected all you need to do is open up your camera app, strike a pose and press the shutter button to capture your selfie.


  • Strong: Super strong telescopic shaft with a smooth non-stick anodized aluminum finish.
  • Lightweight: one of the lightest in the market
  • Portability: Protecting your Monopod and saving space without the need to take apart and re-assemble.ONLY 22.5CM.Easy to carry around
  • Comfortable: Perfect Craftsmanship.Soft Silicone Handle Grip. Matte Aluminium Alloy.
  • Compact: Use different lengths for the best perspective on all your exciting moments. Simply twist to lock and unlock the Monopod. This provides the best in arm stability and allows a greater load capacity than other monopods on the market
  • Energy Efficient: It is powered by your Smartphone and requires no batteries or charging.
  • Universal action head: The removable head bracket and the screw are compatible with SJ series cameras and GoPro cameras.

Tech Specs

Net Weight:

  • 168g


Universally compatible with 3.5mm audio plug electronic devices that use the volume button to capture photos.

Compatible Models:

  • Apple: iPhone 8,8 Plus,X,6, 6 Plus,5,5S,SE,4,4S
  • Samsung: G3588V, S3, S4, S5, Note2, Note3, Note4
  • HUAWEI: C199,P6,P7,G7,Honor 6
  • SONY: T2, Z2,Z3,C3L39W
  • Coolpad: T1,5952,8702,7320,8670,9976T,8730L,F1,F2
  • TCL: N2,N3,Y910
  • MEIZU: MX2,MX4
  • Vivo: Y13,X3L
  • Oppo: R3
  • Meitu: M2
  • SUGAR: SS129


1.If phone volume button can't be set to shutter function, then you can't use this wired monopod.

2.HTC smartphone can't use this wired monopod

Package included:

  • 1*BlitzWolf® Wired Selfie Stick Monopod
  • 1*Climbing Hooks
  • 1*User Manual

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