Befine Keyboard Keyskin for 11-inch MacBook Air (OS X Lion)

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Take a closer look at the Befine Keyboard Keyskin for your 11-inch MacBook Air (OS X Lion). The keyboard keyskin is ideal for heavy typists and modern day bloggers who want to protect their keyboard from damages due to overuse.

Heavy typing can cause your keyboard prints to fade in time and this protective cover helps you avoid just that. The keyboard skin is made of silicone ECO material which means that it is healthy and environment friendly. It is also very soft and quiet with a good sense of touch that minimizes the noise you produce when typing with your fingers.

The keyboard skin also has a preventable erase letter feature so you don't have to worry about fading letters and symbols. The keyskin also covers your keyboard to avoid dust and dirt that could go underneath it possibly damaging it in the long run. It also comes in various fun and vibrant colors to choose from.

Available Colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • White