Audio Technica ATH-CKL 202i Earphone with Mic

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  • High sound quality design of φ 8.5 mm driver. Directing the ear with transparent body and vivid color ring. A high-performance driver is mounted on the compact body and plays clear sound.
  • Handle music / video play / pause / song forward / fast reverse / volume adjustment etc at hand. When operating the iPhone, iPod touch, etc., a remote controller / microphone which can enjoy music and video smartly without carrying out a series of actions such as unlocking and seeing the screen every time it carries out is carried. Basic operation can be done quickly with click operation.
  • Built-in condenser microphone, compatible with iPhone phone calls and iPod voice memos. Built-in condenser microphone that can respond to incoming call / end call on iPhone, voice memo and voice control on iPod, voice over function etc. (It can not be used for iPhone 3G.)
  • Code cord take-up holder with adjustable length cord included. We attached a wind-up holder that allows you to adjust the length of the cord according to the scene connecting the headphone and player, such as from a chest pocket or bag. It is convenient for carrying and carrying it in a bag.
  • Fine-fit earpiece which realizes comfortable wearing feeling is adopted. Four fine fit earpieces (XS, S, M, L) are included to improve the fitting feeling. I finished the color to the same color as the main body.

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