Aubergine Pillow

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Everyone knows the importance of getting 8 hours of sleep, but that just isn’t reality for most. How many times do you catch yourself dozing off throughout the day? What if you could snooze comfortably, right there and then?

The Aubergine Pillow is an inflatable pillow like no other. Inflatable pillows are commonplace when people travel, but it should not be a luxury for the everyday. The Aubergine Pillow affords you the everyday comfort you hunger for, on demand.

Single Puff Inflation
Nobody wants to run short of breath. By employing the Bernoulli effect, it allows the inflatable pillow to inflate in just a single breath.

Maximum Hug-ability
Sensual contours and a well-placed dimple stabilises your head, supports your neck and restores your spine’s natural curvature.

Bring it Everywhere
Nobody should be weighed down by a pillow. The sleeping pill deflates fast, rolls snug and compacts small.