Ataraina OiSHi Mobile Air Cleaner (Made in Japan)

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OiSHi Mobile Air Cleaner

Small, Lightweight Portable Air Cleaner

Using only static electricity, the OiSHi Mobile Air Cleaner provides clean air wherever you go! The small, compact, and extremely
lightweight design allows for convenient portability and it can be used almost anywhere.

The OiSHi Mobile Air Cleaner is a powerful dust collector that removes pollen and PM2.5 and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be
used for 5 hours on one charge!

Breathing clean air at the push of a button!


* Durable and extremely portable proprietary air filter removes annoying pollen and PM1.0 pollutants using only static electricity
* There are few portable air purifiers in the city that release negative ions and have built-in electrostatic filters.
* Each cubic centimeter can generate 2 million negative ions.
* At the same time, the built-in fan draws harmful air into the purifier.
* Bacteria and viruses are released into the purifier
* Extremely thin long-life air filter
* Dedicated IFRA essential oil capsule releases relaxing nerve aroma while filtering
* Organic Lavender Oil is all natural
* It is about 10 cm in diameter and weighs only 85 grams.
* It is very small and easy to carry.
* It can be used for about 120 minutes per charge, and can also be connected to a power bank.
* Made in Japan


- Power supply: USB charge
- Battery capacity: 800 mAh
- Charging time: 50 minutes
- Power: 5 W
- Battery life: 2 hours
- Size: ø72mm × H 28mm
- Filter replacement: Every three months
- Supplied accessories: Air purifier, filter, scent, USB cable and cord for hanging.