AAUXX iRing Link

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360 degree, up / down / left / right angle adjustment

iRing Link does not loosen easily

You can keep it stable for a long time.

iRing Custom Made

Above the various color plates of iRing Link

You can print your logo and images.

Tech Specs


  • PC / zinc (nickel plated)

How to use

  • Installation : Before attaching, wipe off the area of ​​the smartphone or case to be attached and let it dry thoroughly. Remove the film from the iRing Link, attach it to the desired site and press it evenly.
  • Separate : Lightly press the top of the product with the iRing logo and slide it down gently.
  • Wireless charging : Please be sure to remove the upper ring part when charging wirelessly.


  1. This product is not re-adhesive. If you would like to purchase more glue, contact AAUXX Customer Center.
  2. iRing Link is a supplementary product that adds convenience to the use of smartphone. It is not a product that prevents damage caused by falling of smartphone or absorbs impact. The loss of smartphone and iRing Link due to the drop
  3. is a consumer error and can not be compensated by the damage.
  4. The adhesive performance of the iRing Link may vary depending on the condition or properties of the surface to which it is attached.
  5. Some handsets that have stronger fingerprint and anti-fouling coatings (such as black in the iPhone 7 *) may not stick well or fall off easily. Please use this product after mounting the case and please refer to iRing Link purchase and use. * Except for the black series, the color of the iPhone 7 series is good for adhesion.
  6. Do not attach to a place that is bent or has irregularities (eg LG Electronics G4), or where it is contaminated. If sweat or fingerprints are adhered to the adhesive, the adhesive strength will decrease.
  7. Please use the silicone tape sold in the headquarters together with the terminals that iRing Link may not stick to.
  8. Some protective cases sold on the market can cause physical or chemical changes to the iRing Link adhesive due to the materials used. (* In case of leather case, material may be damaged.)
  9. Do not use thinner or organic solvent for cleaning.
  10. Tablet PC products that are bulky and heavy may fall, so be sure to use them by hand.

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