Unnurella Biz mini Folding Umbrella

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Raindrops drip from your umbrella more than you imagine.

They make your surroundings, such as your commuting trains,

shops you enjoy, and even your important business partner's office wet.

Since the introduction in 2015, unnurella have been very well received by many customers based on its highest standard of water repellency. The Unnurella biz is one of the line-up of the Unnurella for men in business scenes.

We are proposing a new business style on a rainy day, only possibly because of our high water repellent umbrella.

Working in collaboration with Komatsu Matere, an acknowledged fabric company worldwide, we have managed to develop a remarkably high-dense fabric that achieved the highest attainable level in water repellency tests set by the Japanese Industrial Standards.

The light and smooth fabric also shut out 99% of ultraviolet rays without any additional UV protection coating.

A foldable umbrella using safe automatic open and closure system.

Square package is perfect for gift.

Normal automatic open-close umbrella back quickly when the shaft is not fully folded up, but Unnurella biz be made up with special structure, can be folded up little by little without bouncing back safely.