Amvel Heat Block x VERYKAL Ultra Lightweight Automatic Umbrella

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One-touch type automatic opening and closing parasol using completely shaded fabric. Can be used as a rain umbrella for both men and women.

It is a lightweight folding umbrella that weighs about 210g even with light-shielding fabric.

Uses 100% shading cloth

The heat block has a two-layer structure with a light-shielding film bonded to the back of the fabric. This two-layer structure achieves 100% light shielding. The shading effect is semi-permanent unless the fabric is torn. Regarding light-shielding performance, 100% light-shielding has been confirmed by a light-shielding inspection by a third-party inspection organization. The inspection method is a device that evaluates the light-shielding property of the curtain, and is performed according to the JIS-L-1055 A method (illuminance 100,000 lux, equivalent to midsummer sunlight).

[Note] The shade ratio is inspected only for the umbrella fabric. Inspection cannot be performed on finished products that have been sewn. The finished product has a sewing part and light may leak from the seams.

UV cut 91.7% fabric

Sunlight penetrates with UV cut 91.7% fabric

100% shading cloth

100% shaded fabric does not transmit sunlight

UV cut rate is 99.9%

It has been confirmed that the UV shielding rate is 99.9% (maximum value) by a UV measurement inspection by a third-party inspection organization. Measurement wavelength is 280mm-400mm, bandpass filter is used.

Ultra-thin lightweight fabric that can be used even in the rain

By weaving the fabric with thin threads, we were able to improve it thinly and lightly. The thread thickness used in general umbrellas is 75 denier, but the material used for the "heat block" is 15 denier, which is the same level as the thread used for stockings.


a lightweight automatic opening and closing folding bone

Weight reduction of heavy automatic opening and closing umbrella

Carbon fiber is used for the rib of the umbrella. Carbon fiber is a high-tech material that is also used in aircraft as a lightweight and durable material. The rib has a structure that bends in three steps, and carbon fiber is used in two of the steps.

Cleared the open/close durability test of 500 times

Although it is an automatic opening/closing umbrella that is prone to failure due to its complicated structure, VERYKAL has passed the opening/closing durability test of 500 times. It has been proved that it can be used without problems even after a durability test of opening and closing 500 times continuously at a speed of 6 times per minute by a third party inspection organization.

Tech Specs
  • Fully shaded parasol using 100% shaded fabric
  • UV cut rate 99.9%
  • Uses ultra-light automatic opening and closing bones
  • Umbrella material: 100% polyester
  • Rib size: 54cm
  • When using size (diameter x total length): approx. 96 x 54 cm
  • Storage size (diameter x total length): Approx. 4 x 26 cm
  • Weight: about 210g
  • Planning and design in Japan
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100