Me Bright Eye Illuminating Device


Treat tired and dull peepers to the Me Bright Illuminating Device; and advanced treatment that utilises patented light technology to fight puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Penetrating deep beneath the skin's surface, the handheld system is perfectly sized to target the eye area, combing Red LED Light, Sonic Vibrations and Radio Frequency to help stimulate natural collagen production, boost elasticity levels and produce new cellular activity.

As a result, skin feels firmer and more replenished, with the appearance of wrinkles and discolouration visibly reduced. FDA-cleared and completely pain-free, it's an ideal at-home anti-aging treatment that improve hydration and texture in as little as one week. Suitable for all skin types, achieve revitalised and younger looking skin without the need for invasive treatment or needles.


- Red LED Lights, Sonic Vibrations and Radio Frequency technology
- No dryness or irritation
- 3 minutes per eye, 5 days per week
-Delivers unlimited professional treatments
- FDA cleared
- No UV light
-Safe for all skin types


1. Cleanse skin, removing all makeup. For best results, leave skin slightly damp.
2. Press the grey power button on the front of the device, The power button will illuminate to indicate the device is ready for use.
3. Glide the device over the target eye area, ensuring full contact between the treatment head and the skin. Treat for 3 minutes.
4. The devices will vibrate indicating that it is time to move to the opposite side. Move the device and repeat step 3.
5. You will hear a beep to indicate your treatment is complete. The device will turn off automatically.