IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC2 Super Suction Futon Cleaner

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IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC2 Super Suction Futon Cleaner is light and easy to operate. The dust mite sensor lamp is more obvious and easy to see. Up to 6,000 taps per minute, combined with two unique cyclone airflows, triples the suction force and removes the dust from locusts hidden in the bedding.

Strong suction up to 98%, 3 times stronger suction

  • The 20 cm tip has a wide range of powerful vibration modes.
  • With the combination of two unique cyclone airflows, the powerful cyclone airflow removes dust and can greatly increase the suction force by up to 3 times without worrying about fabric damage.

High frequency tapping

  • Up to 6,000 beats per minute through high-frequency vibrations, up to 6,000 times per minute, effectively remove dust and dust.

Tri-color light high-sensitivity dust mound sensor

  • Equipped with a highly sensitive sensor
  • If the red light is on, it means that there is a lot of dust mites and bacteria inside.

Lightweight design and equipped with three intensity adjustments

  • It achieves lightweight design in the industry, just 1.6 KG.
  • Also easy to store, can be placed in a small space, can also be stored in the bedroom and bed side, so you are free to use.
  • Low gravity design for easy operation.
  • Three intensity adjustments make it easy to clean your home.

"Double filtration" and "washable" designs

  • Use a "washable" dust bag to remove larvae and harmful health allergens.
  • Through the Japanese system of allergen filter purification, double filtration, discharge clean air, eliminate secondary air pollution.
  • The IRIS dust box is designed to be "washable" and eliminates secondary pollution.

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