Faitron HeatsBox Life Smart Heating Lunchbox

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HeatsBox by Faitron is the perfect heating lunchbox to heat up your home-cooker meals quickly and easy at the office or on the Go - all natural heating. No microwave rays!

The HeatsBox App allows you to control all parameters of the heating process from temperature to the way of heating. Faitron also newly added the cooking feature to the App - if you had no time to pre-cook at home, just cook freshly!

Key functions:
- Individual temperature control (40-85°C)
- 3 different heating mode including newly developed cooking function
- Timer function (e.g. ready by 12:30pm) and the food will be ready at that time

- 850ml volume
- Ceramic inner dish
- Leakproof
- 100W heating power
- BLT controlled
- Only 600g light

HeatsBox APP (free):
- Android & iOS
- Available in the following languages: English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese

- HeatsBox Life
- Small inner dish and divider
- Fork & Knife included
- Power Cable (1.5m)
- User Manual