Thanko Double Bowl Steaming Bento Box

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A small rice cooker that cooks with the power of steam. You can deliciously cook two bowls. The lunch box size is compact, so you can eat freshly cooked rice at home or at your office desk. Besides rice, you can also warm side dishes such as raw vegetables, retort and miso soup.

It is a rice cooker that holds two ceramic bowls. A maximum of about 0.65 go (about 120 ml) can be put in one bowl, and a large bowl of about 230 g of rice can be cooked. In the case of about 0.4 go (about 80 ml), you can cook about 140 g of rice in a bowl.

Basic usage

(1) Connect the power cable and plug it into an outlet.

(2) Put Toida rice in a bowl and water.

(3) Add water for cooking rice.

(4) Tighten the lid and lock it with the hook.

(5) Turn on the power switch.

(6) After about 50 minutes, the power lamp goes off, the rice is cooked, and steamed to complete.

Tech Specs


  • Width 225 x depth 135 x height 155 (mm)


  • About 1kg

Power supply

  • AC100V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

  • 250W

Maximum amount of cooked rice

  • 120 ml x 2 (about 1.3 go)

Container Capacity

  • About 360 ml


  • Dry
  • heating prevention function : Yes Thermal insulation function: No

About Overseas Use

  • Can be used up to 140V

Please note

  • Items other than those listed in the contents are not included.
  • Damage/fault of the product caused by using this product is not covered by compensation.
  • There is no heat retention function.
  • Do not disassemble.
  • Do not drop or give a strong impact.
  • Do not store or use in high temperature, high humidity, or near fire.
  • Do not store the product within the reach of small children.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

Content item

  • Body, power cable (80cm), lightweight cup, rice cooker container for storage x 2, rice cooker container lid for storage x 2, Japanese instruction manual