IRIS OHYAMA Ultra-light Dust Mites Removing Bed Cleaner

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IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC3 Ultra-light Dust Mites Removing Bed Cleaner (1 pc) (Legitimately-Imported Goods)

Returning with a good reputation, FAC3 and FAC2 are also only 1.6 KG, lightweight design. It beats about 7000 times per minute with the function of warm air to reduce indoor humidity and reduce dust mite generation. It is equipped with double-powerful cyclone air whirlpool, and large suction will not hurt the beds. Light-sign induction dust mite identification, easy to use.

Product Highlights:

  • The 20 cm tip has a wide range of powerful vibration modes, with a powerful suction force of over 98%.
  • Increased to 7000 beats per minute through high-frequency vibration flapping, super cyclone airflow design, can effectively remove dust mites and dust.
  • Equipped with a high-sensitivity three-color dust mite sensor, if the red notification light is on, it means that there are a lot of dust mites and bacteria inside.
  • The industry's lightest specification 1.6 KG, low center of gravity design, more comfortable to use.
  • Add 25 pieces of disposable dust bag, the original dust bag can be spotless.
  • Upgrade to HEPA antibacterial dust filter made in Japan for thorough purification.

Wire length:

  • 4m